Paddle boarding sure looks like fun, doesn’t it?

Surf City Paddle Boarding

Is your family ready for stand up paddle boarding?

Topsail Island is great for paddle boarding on either the sound side or in the waters off the shore – they didn’t name it Surf City for nothing! As a sport, it started in Hawaii as an off shoot to surfing. It has become popular for surfers looking to get a little further out in the water, and it has a loyal following of recreation seekers who find fun in standing out on the water.

If you’ve got the balance, we are happy to help point the way! Captain Mike’s business Surf & Sound  offers rentals, lessons and tours for the whole family. Give him a call or drop him a line. He can tell you all the best tips and tricks for making the most of it. And when you’ve done all the paddle boarding you want to do, we hope you’ll consider one of our fine boat rentals for taking the family out to enjoy even more of the island.

Thanks to photographer Lee Ruk for the limited use of his paddle board photo.